Tuesday , January 12 2021

Federation Information Could not be received from the External Organization –Exchange 2013

After Creating a federation Trust on Testcareexchange.biz  . Its throwing up a error “Federation Information Could not be received from the External Organization”


Verify 5 Things –

1 .Verify WSSecurityAuthentication is set to True

2 . Verify MRSPRoxy is enabled (Am not 100 % sure this step fixed the solution )

3. Verify 443 Port is accessible

4.  Verify this URL is accessible from your domain


5. If this command fails(Get-FederationInformation -DomainName testcareexchange.biz) on your internal servers and works on external servers ,verify “autodiscover.testcareexchange.biz” is pinging


Running with Verbose gives a detailed Error on where it fails

Get-FederationInformation -DomainName testcareexchange.biz –verbose


Step1 –

To Check

Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory | Fl *wssecurity*

To Set to True – e.g.Servername\Autodiscover (Default Web Site)

Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory “EXCH2013\Autodiscover (Default Web Site)” –WSSecurityAuthentication:$true


Step2 –

To Check

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl *mrs*

To Set to True – e.g.Servername\EWS (Default Web Site)

Set-WebServicesVirtualDirectory “EXCH2013\EWS (Default Web Site)” -MRSProxyEnabled:$true


Step3 –

Telnet works on 443


Step4 –

Use a browser from external works , make sure it opens a credential prompt.




It worked 🙂



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  1. Hi,

    The last test doesn’t open a credential prompt, could that be a reason for the failure of get-federationinformation ?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Leaving this here for the other admins that come across this website. Our Federated Trust certificate just expired, so we had to delete the trust and recreate it. After that, free/busy still did not work. After doing this, it resolved the issue:

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