Wednesday , August 16 2017


Target Mailbox doesn’t have a proxy matching – Bulk add Proxy Address

Moving to Office 365 – Mailbox Migration Error Error: MigrationPermanentException  “Target mailbox doesn’t have an SMTP proxy matching ‘<domain>'” error when you try to move mailboxes to Exchange Online Issue happens only to users where email address policy is not enabled – Checking this Automatically Update Email Address on bulk ...

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Removing Large File structures using PowerShell

Open Powershell Run as Administrator. Browse to the Location to be Safe. Now File Structure under Junk folder and its subfolders is Removed without any confirmation. If you get into this below error – The Specified Path , File Name or Both are too long. The Fully qualified file name ...

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File Server Folder,Groups,Permissions Script

Download Script What the script Does – Task 1 – It Creates Folder It creates a Active Directory Group Folder_R  (Read Groups) It creates a Active Directory Group Folder_W  (Write Groups) Notes Field Updated with Service Request Managed By Field is Updated with folder owner Yo have the Groups Created. ...

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