Friday , March 24 2017

Satheshwaran Manoharan

Satheshwaran Manoharan is an Microsoft Exchange Server MVP , Publisher of Supporting/Deploying/Designing Microsoft Exchange for some years. Extensive experience on Microsoft Technologies.

Perennially Reservation with PowerCLI for RDMs

ESXi/ESX hosts with visibility to RDM LUNs being used by MSCS nodes with RDMs may take a long time to start/reboot or during LUN rescan Lets see how to set for specific hosts and to all hosts in a cluster. To see ScsiCanonicalName of a Specific Virtual Machine – To ...

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Create Shared Disks for Oracle RAC Clusters in VMware

C# Client doesn’t have specific features like choose multi writer flag . So better do to do it using Web Client. The multi-writer option allows VMFS-backed disks to be shared by multiple virtual machines. Used by Third-party cluster-aware applications and Oracle RAC Clusters. If the SCSI Controller is not added, ...

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