Sunday , May 29 2016

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SQL 2014/2016 Express Daily Full Backup using PowerShell


As SQL Server Agent doesn’t function on SQL 2014 Express. We have to use scripts to do daily backup. But Powershell SQLPS module can make things more easy for Admins. DailySQLDatabaseBackup Create a Scheduled Task in Windows Server 2012 R2 Start Daily – Program – PowerShell Add Arguments – C:\Scripts\Sql2014Express.ps1 ...

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Create DAG (Database Availability Group) in Exchange 2016


Well, Creating DAG is much more simpler as comparing to Exchange 2010,But configuring it properly is the best part to have it efficiently working. So lets see how to create a 2 node DAG , where most of the Environments are willing to have 2 Dedicated servers for Exchange Server ...

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Creating ReFs Volumes for Exchange 2013/2016


Resilient file system ReFS Requirements – OS Requirements – Windows Server 2012 R2 Supports Exchange 2013/2016 Databases or later Resilient file system ReFS Benefits – Refs can automatically correct the corruption. Even if corruption occurs and cannot be repaired it salvages the place making sure the Volume stays online. Scalability ...

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Moving Exchange 2016 Server to Another Active Directory Site.


Active Directory Site to be Created. Subnets has been added associated to the site. Domain Controller Replication between sites are healthy. Check Domain Controller Replication Status if the Exchange Server is a Dag Member. Place it on Maintenance. Change the IP of the Exchange server to the associated site. Restart ...

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How to Remove Exchange 2013 Default Databases–Recommended way


Note : Its Preferred to Move the Database Path and Rename the Databases instead of removing it. Still you will come across some situations you had to remove them. Move your Mailboxes Move your Public Folder Mailboxes Do Not Move you Monitoring Mailboxes Move your Arbitration Mailboxes Then you are ...

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VMWare Esxi Compliance Report


Checks for Esxi Settings and creates a Neat HTML page. ipv6 ESXShell SSH SearchDomain DomainName NTPServer SystemLogs ScratchConfig SuppressShellWarning Store your Credentials Connect to VCenter Save as .ps1 and run it.

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